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Hello and a very warm welcome to Elise Whittington Counselling - it's great to have you visit my page!

I specialise in the issues of anxiety, self-worth, narcissism, toxic relationships and personal development.


I have 10 years clinical experience in working with general and chronic anxiety. I will explore with you the roots of your anxiety and what it means for you in the present day. I will also help you build a 'tool kit' of management techniques to help you manage your anxiety right now, why you are on your therapy journey.


We are all born with a strong, authentic sense of self-worth, but through negative life events and experiences this can become 'squashed' and we can experience self-doubt, a lowered or low self-worth and low self-confidence which often contributes to other issues such as anxiety and/or depression. Maybe you feel like you don't really 'know yourself' and you can sometimes or often feel 'inauthentic.' I will help you to explore what has happened in your life past and present that may have contributed to your lowered self-worth or sense of not knowing yourself and help you to explore who you are. I believe that no self-worth is completely destroyed and that with the right exploration it is possible to recover self-worth, authenticity and a strong sense of self.


I have been working with narcissism for over 10 years but I have particularly specialised in helping adult children of and partners of narcissists for two years and in particular the difficult relationship dynamics between a narcissistic mother and her adult child. I also specialise in the resulting difficult family dynamics that may include siblings and wider family. It's so hard being in relationship with a narcissist and effects you so deeply as a person being often emotionally, physically and psychologically abusive. I can help you understand what narcissism is, how it affects you and help you to explore your own journey. Maybe you don't feel listened to or believed? I can help you explore your personal journey, your future choices, tools for surviving narcissism including addressing your own needs and personal boundaries and explore re-building your self-worth with you. All of my work is done at the speed and depth to which you need it to be. Counselling isn't advice but a deep exploration, a profound 'holding' experience and a chance to be really listened to, believed and heard.


My self-worth and my self-confidence was low, my boundaries were not always great and I would always put others needs above my own often abandoning my own needs completely. I also had personal experience of a narcissistic relationship and several toxic relationships and know first hand what this feels like, how crushing it can be to knowing yourself and your self-worth. Personal therapy and 7 years of counselling training and studying changed my life completely. I know myself, exactly who I am, I have strong, unfluctuating self-worth, I am self-confident, I consider my own needs and I have strong boundaries and good, healthy, rewarding relationships. Therapy broke patterns for me, led me to making new choices and literally changed my life! I am passionate about people reaching their full potential, healing from toxic or narcissistic relationships and having good self-worth and I would like to help you on your journey.


Online counselling via a video platform is now an established way of receiving therapy which is proven to be just as effective as in person therapy BUT with some great extra benefits you don't get when you go in person!

* Increased flexibility as there is no time consuming travel
* Save money without travel costs or theapy room costs and insurance being part of your bill
* Security of your own chosen surroundings
* Anonymity - eliminating the risk that someone you know may see you attending your session
* Location - I can work with you wherever you live in the UK
* Not affected by changing Coronavirus advice or wearing masks etc.


Counselling is very useful for personal development! Counselling is often wrongly assumed to be just for help during a trauma or significant life event. A few sessions can also be very helpful for self development, growing self-esteem and self-worth, exploring setting personal boundaries, exploring relationships and how you relate to others in a general sense. Counselling can help you make better choices going forward and help you to feel better about yourself.


L.F. January 2022

"If it wasn’t for Elise Whittington’s counselling sessions, I definitely would not have grown into the person I am today. Her kindness, understanding, help and knowledge is invaluable. I’ve suffered with anxiety for a very long time. She has patiently guided me along my journey of finding out who I am. For that I will always be grateful. She comes highly recommended by me."

G from Surrey 2022

"I was originally very reluctant to try therapy as it was scary to admit that I had issues that I needed to talk about. However, I am really glad I decided to do it as I have really benefited from talking to someone independent who can give you a different perspective on a situation. It has also helped me grow in confidence. I also prefer doing online therapy as it's really flexible and it was easier for me to do it discreetly."


I offer 60 minute sessions through the online counselling video platform Zoom from my counselling studio in Alfold, Surrey with the help of my labrador Wellie who is always snoring away under my chair. I can guarantee that he is extremely confidential and many clients miss his deep, rhythmical snoring on the rare occasions he chooses to abandon his position in the therapy studio!

I work flexibly to suit your personal circumstances and needs. This could be a regular fixed session day and time or it can be flexible at a day and time to suit you with each session. I am able to work purely through talking or I am happy to work with you creatively as well if this is something you enjoy and would find useful. Sessions are booked one at a time so therapy can be just a few sessions or long-term to suit your needs. Upon enquiry, I will offer you a free 10-15 minute Zoom chat so that we can meet each other and discuss your needs, how we might work together and to answer any questions you may have with no obligation for you to continue into paid therapy sessions.


.....beware, many therapists do not have good, accredited training or experience!

I am a fully qualified to honours degree level counsellor with many years of practice and thousands of client contact hours in experience. I have worked in counselling agencies and charities before becoming a private practitioner. I am a Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and of the Counselling Directory, both of which organisations vigously check qualifications, experience and fitness to practice. I have a current DBS check to offer therapy and work strictly to all UK ethical guidelines for practice. I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office to ensure your data protection.

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