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A from Sussex - February 2022

"I had been thinking about starting therapy for quite some time. When I spoke with Elise I finally had the confidence to get started. Elise is an encouraging and validating listener who showed empathy for my experiences and allowed me to process my emotions in a gentle way. I hadn't fully realised the power of being heard to my healing journey until I experienced it. This wasn't limited by being in a virtual context and I appreciated that I was able to relax in my own space afterwards. I am thankful to Elise for helping me along in my journey and feel reassured knowing that I can resume sessions with her if and when I need to. Knowing this gives me great comfort, support and confidence."

L.F. January 2022

"If it wasn’t for Elise Whittington’s counselling sessions, I definitely would not have grown into the
person I am today. Her kindness, understanding, help and knowledge is invaluable. I’ve suffered
with anxiety for a very long time. She has patiently guided me along my journey of finding out who
I am. For that I will always be grateful. She comes highly recommended by me."

G from Surrey 2022

"I was originally very reluctant to try therapy as it was scary to admit that I had issues that I needed to talk about. However, I am really glad I decided to do it as I have really benefited from talking to someone independent who can give you a different perspective on a situation. It has also helped me grow in confidence. I also prefer doing online therapy as it's really flexible and it was easier for me to do it discreetly."

S from Sussex

“I’ve been speaking to Elise for around a year now and this has been my first experience with Zoom counselling. Being able to talk with someone in the comfort of my own home, more often than not in my comfy pjs has made a huge difference to the anxiety I used to feel around my sessions. In the last year Elise has helped me work on my self-worth and this has helped me across multiple areas of my life. My sessions with Elise go by so quickly, she’s always so pleasant and she’s really easy to talk to, sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s already been an hour!”

Peter, from West Sussex 2020-2022

"I cannot recommend Elise enough as a therapist because she is so experienced, diverse, solid, empathetic, encouraging & clear. I contacted Elise when my life had hit a point that I was utterly lost. The GP was offering me anti depressants but I was already wanting to give up smoking, I didn't want to rely on another crutch. At the time I contacted Elise, I was ready to end it all. I had had enough. My hope & heart were totally broken about life. I write this because I never ever imagined I would ever feel this way. Being a strong, ambitious, adventurous, determined & successful individual, I never expected to be in such a state of mind. As much as friends & family wanted to help me, they simply couldn't. But I couldn't solve the issue on my own. As hard as I tried to do so, I realised I needed someone professional to guide me through the storm I couldn't seem to escape. For me, anti depressants were not the answer - I wanted to understand why my life had become so grey and I wanted to bring the colour back into it. Life is for living. Through counselling I realised that there were many issues that needed addressing and personally I was prepared to invest in myself because I wanted to be happy with who I uniquely am. I now understand so many of the things that had stopped me valuing myself & had created such blocks. I needed to understand how to love myself so I could be my best self. I needed to release deep rooted problems in a confidential and safe place, which Elise created for me on every level in every way. I am forever grateful for her professionalism because she balanced it so well with being caring and authentic. Even though my life has now turned & the color has returned, I still intend to carry on sessions with Elise because it is something I believe will benefit me through out my life. Life can be incredibly challenging and a total roller coaster. It's nice to know I have someone I feel completely comfortable with, who understands me & that I can always go to when there are personal things I don't want to discuss with anyone else that I know will remain confidential."

K.B. January 2022

"Elise is brilliant; she has amazing understanding. Understanding of the issues that come up (she always seems to have a drawing or technique that relates to what I want to talk about) and understanding of me."

K.G - 2021

"After exploring a number of counselling options, I began my talk therapy sessions with Elise. Elise is a calming, intellectually mature and well-informed counsellor who listened patiently and without judgement to the mental struggles I had been facing. She carefully explained my role within my own issues and how I could attempt to change and challenge my own views and choices to begin moving forward in my life. Sessions were always engaging and challenging where appropriate and always encouraged my personal growth. I would highly recommend Elise."

A.M. February 2021

"Elise has been an amazing therapist for me at a moment when I was recovering from a manic episode. She has created since the first day a very safe space for me to express myself and better understand how the mind works, helping me obtain closure with the episode, improve my self esteem and family dynamics, far exceeding my most optimistic expectations! Throughout the therapy I really appreciated her caring and professional approach which has made the therapy extremely effective and pleasant. I highly recommend her to anyone, I think we all need someone like Elise to improve our lives and relationships!"

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