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Counselling Sessions - Remote Working Agreement

I would advise all clients to read my Privacy Policy relating to personal data which can be found on this website at the bottom of each page in the light blue area.

In addition working remotely offers different challenges to working together in person, therefore it would be great if you could read the following and by requesting a counselling session, you will be confirming your agreement to it:

Timing and Preparation:

A individual session is 60 minutes

Telephone session - I will telephone you at the agreed start time. If I call landline to landline please note that my number will come up as unknown on your telephone. If it is mobile to mobile my number will show on your display. Please make sure you are not otherwise engaged at our agreed start time. I will of course try again, but the session will still end at the normal finish time and the standard fee will still apply.

If a visual platform session is booked (ie. Zoom), please login five minutes before the session start time. I will email you the meeting link/password (if applicable) to the secure email you have provided before this time.

If you have a computer/connection/signal issue do telephone/email me. If in the event I have similar issues I will telephone or email you.

Give yourself time to prepare for the session mentally and physically as you would if we were meeting in person.

Make sure you delete your 'history' or 'call logs' if necessary for your own safety or confidentiality.

Computer Security:

I have upto date virus and spyware software protection, it would also be wise to have the same installed on your device.

Whilst in session, it is wise to close other open tabs and browsers as they can breach your security if open at the same time.

To help the flow of the session it is good to have turned off any audible or visual notifications on your device i.e. email/diary appointments etc.

Your Safety and Confidentiality:

Counselling sessions are only for you as agreed. Please make sure there are no other people in your space who can overhear or engage.

Please try to choose a place for your session (telephone or online) that is quiet and private and take precautions to limit interruptions.

Prior to commencement of therapy I will email to you a counselling contract which is there for your protection and which will include both the above Remote Working Agreement and Data Protection Policy for your ease of reference.

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